Heater & Coolers Hire Adelaide

Hire A Photo Booth You can guarantee the SA Party Hire will keep you warm. With a variety of heaters to specifically cater to your event space, we will have the right heater for you. Some of our heaters include:

  • Body Height
  • Elegant Flaming Pyramids
  • Stand Heaters
  • Jet Fire Heaters (for large spaces)
  • Mushroom Heaters

Be in control of the temperature and your event with SA Party Hire’s selection of quality heating solutions.

Hire A Photo BoothElegant Flaming Pyramid Heater $80 With out gas $100 with gas.

Hire A Photo Booth Our most popular heater because it has a head diameter of 27cm witch is much bigger than other patio heaters on the market and produces much more heat. It heats to body height $50 per night with out gas $75 with 9klo gas bottle heater will heat for approximately 12 hours.

Electric heater on a stand $40

Hire A Photo BoothThe jet fire heater is very powerfull in large enclosed areas. $70 With out gas $95 with gas

Hire A Photo BoothThe mushroom heater is a cafe style heater. (some don’t come with a table) $60 with out gas $85 with gas 9kg


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